A Restatement of Aims

10 July, 2023

When you blog, you can expect to get a bit of feedback. In my case, that’s the occasional email or three. When I do receive feedback, about half of those missives suggest that I dive into something that’s either outside of my wheelhouse or which really doesn’t interest me.

Often, those suggestions are wrapped around fairly techie topics or tools which appeal to a fairly techie audience. The kinds of topics I could never write about with any confidence. The kinds of tools that I’d never use. The topics and tools that Linux and FOSS bloggers cover elsewhere.

When I started this blog, its aim was to show that free and open source software (FOSS for short) is a viable choice for the so-called ordinary computer user. For someone who isn’t interested in hardware hacking or compiling their own software or digging deep into system internals. For the person for whom technology isn’t a lifestyle.

My goal is to demonstrate that anyone can do whatever they need and want to do using FOSS and Linux (or even FOSS running on Windows or macOS). Regardless of their technical chops, or lack thereof.

And that’s what I’m going to continue to do in this space: publish tutorials, tips, roundups, reviews, and the occasional opinion aimed at people like me. While I have, and continue to, publish posts about working at the command line, those posts are aimed at anyone who wants to work in a terminal window. Future ones will as well.

There’s room in the Linux and FOSS world for people of all stripes. This space will continue to cater to at least one or two of those stripes.

Scott Nesbitt