Welcome, OpenSource.net!

17 September, 2023

When Red Hat went on a redundancy spree in mid 2023, one of the teams affected was the fine group of people behind Opensource.com. A site and a community to which I’ve had a deep attachment since 2010. That left the community which had grown around the site in more than a bit of flux.

Thanks to the support of the Open Source Initiative, that community now has a new home: OpenSource.net. The (at the time of this writing) new site’s in its early stages, but there’s still quite a bit to learn there.

As a former Opensource.com correspondent, it’s great to see the community find a new corner on the web. And I’m hoping that it grows and thrives. You can help make that happen by sharing your knowledge.

(Note that Opensource.com is still around but the site’s not being updated. And there’s no guarantee Red Hat will keep it running into the future.)

Scott Nesbitt